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How To Get Top Dollar For Your Car

You fell in love with your car. Your faithful transportation has been there to take you to your employer, shopping and entertainment venues of your choosing. The last few years you have really enjoyed your auto. However, lately you have thought of moving on and the first thing you want to do is sell your car for top dollar.

You know the car has many good years of service still ahead of it and that another person would enjoy owning it. The used car industry is huge. How huge? Glad you asked in 2015 over 38 million used cars were sold in the United States. That's a lot of used cars transactions.

Selling your car is the easy part but what should you do to get the top dollar for your car? I have been buying and selling cars for over a decade. Here are the top things Dealers look at when taking in a trade in. If your car has any of these issues a dealer or buyer will use them to negotiate your asking price down.

1. Worn Tires

The first thing dealers look at are the tread on the tires. If they are showing signs of excessive wear they will note that and reduce the price they will offer you. As a private party selling your car no buyer wants to purchase a car then have to go buy tires.

Check your tire tread; if they are worn consider replacing them with a tire that is on special or you can get at a discount.

2. Bad Brakes

If the brake pads need replacing or not stopping the car quickly this is a safety issue. Since you are trying to sell your car you do not want to give any buyer reason to lower their buying price.

Replace the brake pads yourself or have a service station do the work for you. It will almost always be less expensive than the price the buyer will want to deduct from your car’s selling price.

3. Dirty car needs cleaning

This should go without mentioning if the car is not clean the buyer will be turned off. An unkept car could mean that mechanical maintenance was not performed. Take the time to give your car a deep clean, clean between the seats, dust the air vents, make sure the drink holders have no sticky rings in them, and if you have car mats wash them. Also you may love your pet however your car should not smell like your pet. Air out your vehicle to remove any unwanted pet odors. Remove all stickers on your car this can be done by using a heat gun and a rubber scraper. Never use a razor, razors can leave cuts in the material of the car.

Your goal is to return the interior and exterior to as close to original as possible.

4. Car Maintenance and Accident records

Having Records of the regularly scheduled car maintenance and a way to verify the car has never been in an accident is a good way for you the seller to actually justify the premium price you are asking for. The simplest way to get ahold of the records is to go to the mechanic you use or dealer you have your car service performed at and ask for a record.

To verify your car has no accidents you can obtain a carfax. Carfax keeps track of cars to give a 3rd party record of accidents and repairs made to the car via the VIN number.

Finally, 90 % of the time the selling of your car comes down to you the seller. Your job is to have the car available for show and to market it properly for your area. Once you have a potential buyer the art of the negotiation begins.

The other way is to sell your car to the dealership you are buying your next car from well this is the easiest way it may not bring you top dollar. Remember the car dealer has a sales person who works in their best interest. Their job is to represent the dealership.

If selling your car private party is too time consuming or you feel that negotiating the price is not your strongest suit but taking the dealer low ball offer is not appealing an auto broker may be the answer you are looking for. Evans Auto Brokerage can help you sell your car. We only have one goal in mind to help our customer be satisfied. With NO inventory to sell you we can focus on you the customer and your needs.

Ready to have me sell your car? Start here or give me a call at (805) 262-2272.

Have a prosperous day!

Your Friend,

Leo F
Auto Broker

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